Terms of Service

1. Introduction: This job portal is for companies to post jobs and recieve applications from job seekers. The companies can also download resums. Both these options are available for a fee. The candidates are also allowed to view jobs and apply. The payments from candidates are not collected as of now. The users agree to the terms before creating an account. 2. User Registration: The users (Companies and Candidates) are required to maintain their login credentials and should not share with anyone else. If we notice of any violations and mis-use of the accounts, the accounts would be terminated. 3. User Content: The content put on our site will be ACS's property. The users grant ACS permission to show information on companies to candidates and candidates profile to companies. If you find any in appropriate content on the site, you may wish to write to gn.avadhani.com mentioning details of the page.

4. Job Listings: The companies need to post jobs that are latest and remove listings that are not open. ACS might remove the job listing that are older than 6 months. The jobs listed would be shown to job seekers and also ACS administrator to fuulfill positions offline in select cases. 5. Application Process: Job seekers after applying jobs to relevant openings may get calls from companies or ACS might use your CV / resumes to arrange interviews with other companies. The info on your qualifications and personal information would only be used for arranging interviews. Employers and Candodates can communicate freely outside of this platform. There is no means to communicate in the platform directly.

6. Fees and Payments: Companies can buy subscription based on the number of resume access they would need. They would have to purchase a plan to check the resumes. There is an integration done with payment gateway and you can choose to pay online. There will be no refunds. If you cancel the subscription, so many resumes have to be downloaded. 7. Privacy and Data Protection: Data collection and usage policies. Information sharing with third parties. User consent to the platform's privacy policy. Data will be stored and accessed for jobs related purposes only. Your resume could be shared with a potential employer. The candidate and companies agrees to this policy. 8. Intellectual Property: All trademark, logo, content will be owned by Avadhani Consultancy Services. Website users or any one cannot copy the contents. Report such copyright infringement to gn.avadhani@gmail.com 9. Termination of Service: Users might be terminated if they falsely display their content

10. Dispute Resolution: All resolutions and legal actions would be handled within Dharwad jurisdition. 11. Disclaimer of Liability: Limitations of the platform's liability. User acknowledgment of potential risks and responsibilities. Companies and candidates do understand that this is just an enabler / platform to generate employment for seekers and a viable media for companies to find potential employees. ACS will try its best t link both the users. 12. Changes to Terms: ACS would have rights to make modification to policies, procedures and users agree to the terms at any point of time. 13. Miscellaneous Provisions: Governing law and jurisdiction would be Dharwad. for Customer support and inquiries please contact gn.avadhani@gmail.com 14. Acceptance of Terms: It is undersatood that by registering with the website, the user acknowledges and has read the terms and conditions.